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Meet the Intel Owner's Club


The Intel Owner's Club brings together people from across the globe with one simple thing in common: they all have Intel Inside® microprocessors.

Through a bi-monthly newsletter and companion “members only” web site, this online club provides a place for Intel processor owners to interact with Intel technology experts -- and each other.

Free to join, it's a great place to find system tips, information and pointers on new technology, cool downloads and goodies for PC's, and content and applications designed or optimized for Intel processors.

Members of the Intel Owner's Club receive:

With over 110,000 members from across the world, the Intel Owner's Club is emerging as the place on the Internet where PC users come together into a global online club.

For more information contact:
Geoffrey Kleinman (geoffrey.t.kleinman@intel.com)
Internet Marketing Project Manager
Intel Corporation
Intel Owner's Club: http://www.intel.com/home/club/index.htm

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