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Localize with VB Language Manager Pro

Go global quickly and easily

VB Language Manager Pro manages the localization process from start to finish. You maintain a single unmodified copy of original source code, and build localized versions in unlimited national languages. VBLM does everything but translate, and it even helps with that!

Features include:

Multilingual Computing says, "VBLM is absolutely the best way to translate VB applications..." We get calls from C programmers looking for a product like it, but for now only VB developers can get the benefits of localizing without tedium.

VB Language Manager Pro 3.0 works with Visual Basic 4.0, both 16 and 32-bit as well as VB2 and VB3, so no matter what version of Visual Basic you're using, you only need one version of VB Language Manager Pro.

Just $150 plus s/h, it will easily save you that the first time you use it

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