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ImageMan - Trusted By More Of The Companies You Trust


ImageMan is used in more off-the-shelf applications than any other imaging library available. These companies didn't choose ImageMan because of slick advertisements or meaningless guarantees. They chose ImageMan because it meets their real-world image processing needs. They chose ImageMan because it's the fastest, easiest to use, and most comprehensive solution they could find. And they chose ImageMan because ImageMan is clearly a technically superior product.

Take the time to compare ImageMan's demo with those of our competitors, compare the APIs, and you'll come to the same conclusion that some of the best programmers in the industry have already reached: ImageMan is the only choice for creating truly world-class products.

ImageMan has always been offered with an unconditional 90-day money back guarantee (yes, even the 32-bit versions). We can offer this extraordinary guarantee because of our extremely high level of confidence in our product. Can our competitors say the same?

ImageMan is available royalty-free in DLL or VBX/OCX format for Windows 3.1, Win32, and Windows NT. Source code available.

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