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When failure is not an option for your client/server investment, you need power you can depend on. The LT Series uninterruptible power system represents a significant advance in UPS technology. The system utilizes Fuzzy Logic theory to provide regulated output voltage over a much wider input fluctuation range, down to 50% of nominal input voltage, before resorting to battery power. This "Fuzzy Ranging" feature greatly extends battery life and increases backup time during full power outages. Other competitive advantages of the LT Series UPS include:

So when failure is not an option for your operation and you need power you can depend on, turn to a company with over 25 years of power control expertise and experience. Controlled Power also offers unsurpassed product support that includes technical assistance and service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For more information on Quality Solutions to Power Problems call 1-800-521-4792.

Controlled Power Company
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