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CGM for MS Windows


The Computer Graphics Metafile is the ISO/ANSI standard for the system independent storage of vector and raster based graphical information. Our Windows solutions give you easy access to this technology.

MetaPrint: The CGM printer driver for MS Windows. Is installed and functions as a standard MS Windows printer driver. MetaPrint gives you immediate print to CGM capability from any application that uses the GDI print function.

HSIview: The CGM interpreter for MS Windows. Views and prints CGM and WMF files and also translates CGM to/from WMF. HSIview was developed for Microsoft for use with Word, Powerpoint, etc. and is available as both an enduser application and a developer DLL.

Besides CGM, EMATEK supports other ISO/ANSI standards. Based on the Graphical Kernel System (GKS) and Computer Graphics Interface (CGI) standards our GSS graphic tools enable you to develop portable, device independent graphic applications. Call for an info pack today.

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