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Finally, everything you need for your CDs in four ultra-convenient accessories...

Store. Organize. Open. Clean.

Call us for a FREE catalog: 800-MACTEC1

STORE with The Super Shelf - Stockable storage system...most efficient & cost effective available today. Capacity 40 CDs.

ORGANIZE with DiscPickables - 16 Dividers with bendable tabs. 12 printed (AB-XYZ). 4 blank; can customize. Use with all storage devices.

OPEN with EZ-CD - Cuts through any new CD packaging.

CLEAN with CD Care - 16 quality wipes in jewel box dispenser.

SAVE with Essential Collection which includes DiscPickables, EZ-CD and CD Care.

BONUS: Super DiscPickables & Essential Collection each come with The Compact Disc User's Guide, absolutely free.

MacTec Products, Inc.
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